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Accident Photo Gallery
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Date: 28 January 2002
Airline: TAME
Flight No.: 120
Aircraft: Boeing 727-134
Location: Cumbal Volcano, Colombia
Fatalities: 92:92

Photographer: Unknown

TAME flight 120 departed Quito at 10:03am on the first leg of its scheduled Quito-Tulcán-Cali (Colombia) flight. Radio contact with the aircraft was lost at 10:23am as it approached Tulcán. The aircraft crashed near the Colombian city of Ipiales, approximately 20 miles north of Tulcán, in a crater near the top of the 15,626ft Cumbal Volcano. The wreckage of the aircraft was found by aerial search some 24 hours after the initial disappearance of the plane. The weather in the heavily mountainous region was reported to be foggy around the time of the accident.

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