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Accident Photo Gallery
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Date: 26 September 1997
Airline: Garuda Indonesia
Flight No.: 152
Aircraft: Airbus A300B4-220
Location: Medan, Indonesia
Fatalities: 234:234

Photographer: Unknown

The aircraft [PK-GAI], arriving from Jakarta, was cleared for an ILS approach to Medan runway 05 and was flying on a 316 heading on Airway 585/W12. Having descended to 3000ft the crew was instructed to turn left heading 240 for vectoring to intercept the runway 05 ILS. At 1:28pm local time, the flight was instructed to continue on a 215 heading and descend to 2000ft. At 1:30 ATC directed the flight to turn right heading 046 and report when established on the localizer. Confusion the part of the air traffic controller followed over whether GA152 was turning left or right. Just 10 seconds after confirming the right turn, the Airbus crashed in a wooded area, broke up and burst into flames. The wreckage covered a 150x75m area near the village of Pancur Batu, which is located at an elevation of 3000 feet above mean sea level. The accident happened 18 miles short of Medan Airport. The region was affected by smog from forest fires, and visibility was reported to be only 600-800m.

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