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Accident Photo Gallery
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Date: 18 December 1983
Airline: Malaysia Airlines
Flight No.: 684
Aircraft: Airbus A300B4-120
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Fatalities: 0:247

Photographer: Hardeep Singh

Flight MH684 took off from Singapore at 18.53h for a flight to Kuala Lumpur. Approaching Kuala Lumpur, the aircraft was cleared for an ILS runway 15 approach. At 19.20h, the runway 15 RVR was 450m in heavy rain showers. Though below the company minimum of 800m, the captain elected to continue the approach, hoping to see the runway. The captain took over control from the first officer, shortly before entering an area of heavy rainshowers. Immediately after selecting the windscreen wipers 'on', the radio altimeter sounded. Less then 30secs later, the Airbus contacted some trees 2km short of the runway and the right main landing gear struck the ground and continued for 436m. The aircraft then lifted off for 36m before striking a stream embankment and it slid for 109m before coming to rest, 1200m short of the runway. The landing gear and both engines were torn off and a fire erupted, destroying the cabin and cockpit roof.

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