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Date: 26 July 2002
Airline: Federal Express
Flight No.: 1478
Aircraft: Boeing 727-232AF
Location: Tallahassee, Florida
Fatalities: 0:3

Photographer: Reuters

The aircraft [N497FE] crashed at 5:43am local time while attempting to land at Tallahassee Regional Airport on a cargo flight from Memphis, TN. With the Tallahassee Airport control tower closed due to the early-morning hour, the flight crew received clearance from Jacksonville Center for a visual approach to runway 9 at 5:36am. The first impact mark was on a tree, about 70 feet high and 3,100 feet from the end of the runway. The plane first hit the ground about 2,100 feet from the end of the runway, and the first piece of wreckage - a leading edge flap - was found approximately 200 feet from the initial tree-strike point. The aircraft's landing gear was down at the time of the accident. The 727 skidded to a stop about 1,000 feet from the end of the runway and caught fire; the flight crew escaped major injury.

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