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Cockpit Voice Recorders: Transcripts: Martinair 495
Time: Source: Contents:
07.27:12 ATC Martinair four six one, uh, on the ground at two eight, at the end and by the left, change to Tower frequency one, uh, one eight decimal two.
07.27:20 MP461 One one eight two, pleasant day.
07.27:25 - // Sound of selector knob //
07.27:53 CAPT Approaching eight miles.
07.27:54 FO Yes.
07.27:56 CAPT I'll give you one one one.
07.27:57 - // Sound of selector knob //
07.28:01 FO Over right, heading zero eight zero.
07.28:04 CAPT ... zero eight zero ...
07.28:11 RDO Four nine five is turning inbound.
// Sound of selector knob (auto pilot trim) //
07.28:42 ??? ... zero.
07.28:44 CAPT Ja.
07.28:55 CAPT Seven DME.
07.28:57 FO Ja, dan mag de gear down.
[Yes, then the gear maybe selected down]
07.29:00 CAPT Gear down.
07.29:17 CAPT Wind is from right ...
07.29:22 CAPT Gear is down.
07.29:23 FO Ja, thank you.
07.29:25 FO Flaps three five.
07.29:28 CAPT Flaps three five.
07.29:30 - // Sound of selector knob //
07.29:32 CAPT Flaps are three five.
07.29:36 FO Vertical speed selected.
07.29:36 AC1158 Air Columbus one one five eight with you.
07.29:38 ATC One one five eight continue to taxi.
07.29:43 FO Flaps, five zero.
07.29:47 CAPT Flaps five zero.
07.29:50 - // Sound of selector know, pause, 4 clicks, selector knob //
07.30:05 CAPT Check?
07.30:06 FO Yes, check.
07.30:08 CAPT Five DME, fourteen thirty.
07.30:11 - // Sound of selector knob //
07.30:13 CAPT Wind is coming from the right, thirty knots, drift twelve degrees, so you make it one two three or so.
07.30:22 FO Ja.
07.30:25 FE OK, for the landing checklist?
07.30:27 FO Ja, landing checklist.
07.30:28 CAPT Four DME, eleven twenty.
07.30:32 FE Missed approach altitude.
07.30:36 CAPT .. three ..., set.
07.30:38 AC1158 Air Columbus one one five eight, ready for departure.
07.30:40 FE Altimeters.
07.30:41 CAPT Set three times.
07.30:44 FE Spoilers.
// Sound of arming the spoilers //
07.30:45 CAPT Arm.
07.30:46 FE I'll check them.
07.30:47 CAPT Ja.
07.30:48 07.30:50 FE Flaps, slats.
07.30:52 CAPT Five zero, land.
07.30:55 FE Landing checklist completed.
07.30:56 CAPT OK.
07.30:57 AC1158 Tower, Air Columbus one one five eight.
07.31:01 ATC Go ahaead.
07.31:02 AC1158 Ready for departure.
07.31:03 CAPT Four DME, eleven twenty.
07.31:05 ATC Marinair four nine five, confirm inbound, how many miles?
07.31:08 RDO We are four miles out.
07.31:10 ATC Roger, Air Columbus one one five eight, hold short.
07.31:14 CAPT Ja, je kan de baan zien.
[Yes, you can see the runway]
07.31:15 AC1158 Holding short, Air Columbus one one five eight.
07.31:24 CAPT Three DME, eight twenty.
07.31:29 CAPT Three DME, eight twenty.
07.31:33 - // Start sound of windshield wipers //
07.31:37 RDO Martinair four nine five, finals.
07.31:40 ATC Confirm you have runway lights in sight?
07.31:44 ATC Cleared to land runway one one, the wind one five zero, one five knots, maximum two zero.
07.31:52 RDO Cleared to land.
07.31:53 FO Auto pilot C.
07.31:54 CAPT OK, hè, the runway is ...
07.31:55 ATC Confirm the lights are too bright?
07.31:58 RDO No, it's fine, keep it.
07.32:00 FE Five hundred.
07.32:03 CAPT Cleared, hè?
07.32:04 FO Ja.
07.32:04 FE JA, check cleared.
07.32:15 FO PAPI, hè.
07.32:16 CAPT Ja.
07.32:20 CAPT Speed a bit low, speed is low.
07.32:24 CAPT Ja OK, speed is OK.
07.32:29 FO Windshield, uh windshiels anti-ice, ik zie niks.
[Windshield, uh windshiels anti-ice, I don't see anything]
07.32:30 CAPT Ja.
07.32:32 FE You're at fast.
07.32:34 CAPT A bit low, bit low, bit low.
07.32:36 07.32:37 CAPT OK, OK, OK.
07.32:39 CAPT Wind is, uh, one ninety with twenty.
07.32:44 - // Sound of double click //
// Sound of single click //
07.32:47 - // Start of 'kettle' tone - radio altimeter passing 50ft //
07.32:48 CAPT Throttles.
07.32:48 - // Sound of throttles pushed full forward //
07.32:49 - // Touchdown //
07.32:51 - // Sound of landing gear warning horn //

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