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Cockpit Voice Recorder Audio Files

This section features a selection of actual audio clips from recovered Cockpit Voice Recorders. Some individuals may consider these files to be of a graphic nature, and viewer discretion is advised.

The filesizes of each file, in kilobytes, are located next to the 'Download' link. Some files are quite large, and may require a long period of time for the download to complete, especially if you are using a dialup internet connection.

Files are encoded in MP3 audio compression format.

Air Florida Flight 90

Crashed on takeoff from Washington D.C.'s National Airport. Icing.

Download (255k)

Delta Air Lines Flight 1141

Crashed on takeoff from Dallas. Crew Error.

Download (203k)

Delta Air Lines Flight 191

Crashed while attempting to land at Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. Windshear.

Download (443k)

Japan Airlines Flight 123

Crashed into terrain. Loss of Control.

Download (217k)

LAPA Flight 3142

Crashed on takeoff from Buenos Aires. Crew Error.

Download (211k)

Northwest Airlines Flight 255

Crashed on takeoff from Detroit. Crew Error.

Download (68k)

United Airlines Flight 232

Crash-landed in Sioux City, Iowa. Loss of control.

Download (73k)

VASP Flight 168

Crashed while on approach to Fortaleza, Brazil. CFIT.

Download (74k)

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