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Cockpit Voice Recorders

Cockpit Voice Recorders, often known as CVRs, are required equipment in all commercial aircraft operating throughout the world. These devices record conversations throughout an aircraft's cockpit on (in older models) digital tape and (in newer models) on a digital microchip. Sounds are picked up via a system of cockpit microphones, known as Cockpit Area Microphones (CAM), Public Address Microphones (PA), and radio microphones (RDO). In the event of an accident, this information may be used by investigators to determine what was occuring in the cockpit throughout the incident.

It is illegal for the National Transportation Safety Board, who regulates these recordings, to release them to the public.  The recordings presented here were obtained from other legitimate sources.  The airlines, who own the original recording, are legally allowed to release it if they so choose.  Several others come from lawsuit settlements in which release was mandated by a court order, and yet others come from various independent investigators who chose to release the information.

CVR Transcripts

Actual CVR Audio Files

Air Traffic Control Tapes

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