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Date of Accident:19 November 2001Help
Airline:IRS Aero   Help
Aircraft:Ilyushin IL-18   Help
Location:Zakharyino, RussiaHelp
Previous Registrations:CCCP-75840Help
Flight Number:---Help
Line Number:---Help
Engine Manufacturer:---Help
Engine Model:---Help
Year of Delivery:---Help
Accident Description:The aircraft was flying from Khatanga to Moscow's Domodedovo Airport and disappeared from radar at 9:24 p.m. (1824 GMT). Some time later, its remains were found near the village of Zakharyino in the Yaroslavl region. According to preliminary information, there were seven crew members, two technicians, and 18 passengers aboard the plane. It also carried 180 kilograms of cargo belonging to the company IRS Aero. The IL-18 left Khatanga at 4.07 p.m. (1307 GMT).
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Ilyushin RA-75840. Photo Copyright: Luis Rosa

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