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Date of Accident:12 November 2001Help
Airline:American Airlines   Help
Aircraft:Airbus A300B4-605R   Help
Location:Belle Harbor, New York, USAHelp
Previous Registrations:F-WWAUHelp
Flight Number:587Help
Line Number:---Help
Engine Manufacturer:General ElectricHelp
Engine Model:CF6-80C2A5Help
Year of Delivery:1988Help
Accident Description:American Airlines Flight 587 departed Runway 31L at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York at 9:13am local time on a flight to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Approximately three minutes later, while climbing through 2,800 feet and executing the left turn on the standard departure procedure away from Brooklyn, radar contact was lost with the aircraft. Witnesses reported seeing an engine fire develop on the aircraft's no.1 engine, followed by small pieces of debris breaking away from the left wing, and shortly afterward, a complete separation of the left engine from the aircraft's wing. The aircraft then reportedly entered a steep nose-down attitude and crashed into the borough of Queens near Rockaway Beach, destroying four residential structures, and severely damaging eight others. Separation of the vertical stabilizer, which was found over two miles away from the main impact site in Jamaica Bay, is suspected as the precipitating event, leading to an in-flight breakup of the aircraft.
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Airbus A300 N14053. Photo Copyright: Ralf Langer

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