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Date of Accident:07 November 1996Help
Airline:Aviation Development Corporation   Help
Aircraft:Boeing 727-231   Help
Location:Imota, NigeriaHelp
Previous Registrations:N64321Help
Flight Number:86Help
Line Number:718Help
Engine Manufacturer:Pratt & WhitneyHelp
Engine Model:JT8D-9AHelp
Year of Delivery:1969Help
Accident Description:The ADC aircraft was flying at FL240 en route from Port Harcourt to Lagos. At the same time a Triax aircraft had departed Lagos and was flying at FL160 towards Enugu. The Lagos controller had terminated contact with the Triax aircraft when the ADC crew requested to descend. The permission to descend was delayed to allow an ELF Petroleum business jet to pass beneath the 727 at FL210. When the controller finally cleared the ADC flight to descend, he thought he had cleared to aircraft to FL100 at an earlier stage, but the aircraft was still flying at FL240. When the ADC aircraft descended through FL160, the TCAS alarm sounded. To avoid a head-on collision the flightcrew immediately took evasive action. During this maneuver, the Boeing rolled to an excessive bank angle and conrol was lost. Within 16 seconds speed had increased from 280kts to almost the speed of sound. The aircraft crashed and disintegrated on impact.
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