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Date of Accident:11 September 2001Help
Airline:American Airlines    Help
Aircraft:Boeing 757-223   Help
Location:Washington, D.C., USAHelp
Previous Registrations:---Help
Flight Number:77Help
Line Number:365Help
Engine Manufacturer:Rolls RoyceHelp
Engine Model:RB211-535E4BHelp
Year of Delivery:1991Help
Accident Description:American Airlines Flight 77 departed Washington's Dulles International Airport at approximately 9:20am local time on a flight to Los Angeles. Shortly thereafter, Washington TRACON lost contact with the aircraft's crew, and the plane's transponder was switched off. A primary target representing the aircraft was seen proceeding directly toward the White House. The plane was seen to veer away from the White House, enter a high speed dive, and impact the side of the Pentagon building in Washington, D.C. This event was the third in a series of orchestrated terrorist acts that affected the United States on September 11.
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Boeing 757 N644AA. Photo Copyright: James Reppucci

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