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Date of Accident:11 September 2001Help
Airline:United Airlines    Help
Aircraft:Boeing 767-222   Help
Location:Manhattan, New York, USAHelp
Previous Registrations:---Help
Flight Number:175Help
Line Number:41Help
Engine Manufacturer:Pratt & WhitneyHelp
Engine Model:JT9D-7R4DHelp
Year of Delivery:1983Help
Accident Description:At 9:03am local time, United Airlines Flight 175, flying from Boston, Massachusetts to Los Angeles, California, impacted the south tower of the World Trade Center in New York City after being hijacked by terrorists. The south tower of the World Trade Center was severely damaged, and collapsed approximately an hour later. Nearly 3,000 people on the ground, including occupants of both World Trade Center towers, firefighters, and police officers were killed. This terrorist act occured approximately 18 minutes after an American Airlines 767 was deliberately crashed into the neighboring north World Trade Center tower.
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Boeing 767 N612UA. Photo Copyright: Bill Hough

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