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Date of Accident:31 August 1986Help
Airline:Aeromexico   Help
Aircraft:McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32   Help
Location:Cerritos, California, USAHelp
Previous Registrations:N1277LHelp
Flight Number:498Help
Fatalities:64:64 + 15Help
Line Number:470Help
Engine Manufacturer:Pratt & WhitneyHelp
Engine Model:JT8DHelp
Year of Delivery:1969Help
Accident Description:The aircraft crashed after colliding with a privately owned Piper PA-28 Cherokee. The 57-year-old private pilot, along with his wife and daughter, were flying a VFR flight below the lower limit of the Los Angeles terminal control area when the PIC suffered a heart attack. During the effort to revive the pilot, the airplane entered LAX airspace and was involved in the collision with the DC-9. ATC was unaware of the aircraft because regulations at the time did not require aircraft operating over or under TCA airspace to be transponder equipped.
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