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Date of Accident:23 August 2001Help
Airline:Saudi Arabian Airlines   Help
Aircraft:Boeing 747-368   Help
Location:Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaHelp
Previous Registrations:N6005CHelp
Flight Number:---Help
Line Number:624Help
Engine Manufacturer:Rolls RoyceHelp
Engine Model:RB211-524D4Help
Year of Delivery:1985Help
Accident Description:The aircraft was being taxied from a hangar toward a departure gate prior to boarding when the crew lost directional control of the plane and it entered a monsoon drainage ditch, resulting in serious damage to the forward airframe/nose section. None of the six crewmembers aboard were seriously injured. The aircraft was being moved by a maintenance crew, who taxied using only the no.1 and no.4 engines, apparently not realizing that the aircraft's braking system is powered by hydraulic pumps powered by engines 2 and 3.
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