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Date of Accident:19 July 1989Help
Airline:United Airlines   Help
Aircraft:McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10   Help
Location:Sioux City, Iowa, USAHelp
Previous Registrations:---Help
Flight Number:232Help
Line Number:118Help
Engine Manufacturer:General ElectricHelp
Engine Model:CF6-6DHelp
Year of Delivery:1973Help
Accident Description:While cruising at FL370 on a flight from Denver to Chicago, the no.2 engine suffered an uncontained failure. Shrapnel from the engine damaged all three main hydraulic lines in the tail, causing a total loss of hydraulics aboard the aircraft. Using engine thrust, Captain Al Haynes, First Officer William Records, and dead-heading Captain Dennis Fitch successfully crash-landed the airplane on runway 22 at the Sioux City Gateway Airport. Touching down just right of centerline at 225 knots, the aircraft cartwheeled and burst into flames.
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