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Date of Accident:27 June 1980Help
Airline:Itavia   Help
Aircraft:McDonnell Douglas DC-9-15   Help
Location:Ustica, ItalyHelp
Previous Registrations:N902HHelp
Flight Number:1870Help
Line Number:22Help
Engine Manufacturer:Pratt & WhitneyHelp
Engine Model:JT8DHelp
Year of Delivery:1966Help
Accident Description:The aircraft crashed into the Tyrrhenian Sea near Ustica, Italy at about 1900hrs GMT while on a flight from Bologna to Palermo. Many theories as to the cause of the accident have been entertained, including the possible involvement of Italian and Libyan fighter jets, which were operating in the area around the time of the accident. Another theory hypothesizes that United States forces, while targeting the Lybian fighter jets in the area, may have accidently downed the DC-9.
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