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Date of Accident:07 May 2002Help
Airline:China Northern Airlines   Help
Aircraft:McDonnell Douglas MD-82   Help
Location:Yellow Sea - off Dalian, ChinaHelp
Previous Registrations:---Help
Flight Number:6163Help
Line Number:1702Help
Engine Manufacturer:Pratt & WhitneyHelp
Engine Model:JT8D-217AHelp
Year of Delivery:1990Help
Accident Description:The aircraft was due to land at Dalian Airport at 9:40pm local time while on a flight from Beijing. At 9:20, the Captain reported a 'cabin fire' to air traffic controllers, and four minutes later, at 9:24, radio contact was lost as the aircraft disappeared from radar. The aircraft crashed into the Yellow Sea about 6 miles off the Dalian coast.

The Chinese government, on December 7, 2002, issued a report which blamed the crash on a fire started intentionally by passenger Zhang Pilin, a terminally ill cancer patient. Before the flight, Pilin reportedly purchased seven flight insurance policies totalling more than 1.5 million RMB ($187,500 US Dollars). Additionally, investigators searching Pilin's apartment found a number of mineral water bottles filled with gasoline.
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MD-82 B-2138. Photo Copyright: Alan Tsui

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