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Date of Accident:03 March 1974Help
Airline:Turkish Airlines   Help
Aircraft:McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10   Help
Location:Bois d' Ermenonville, FranceHelp
Previous Registrations:N1337UHelp
Flight Number:981Help
Line Number:29Help
Engine Manufacturer:General ElectricHelp
Engine Model:CF6-6DHelp
Year of Delivery:1972Help
Accident Description:The aircraft suffered an explosive decompression while climbing through 11,000 feet after takeoff from Paris Orly Airport. Due to a design flaw in the locking mechanism of the cargo door, a ground crew member was able to force the locking arm into position, while the door was not, in reality, locked. Climbing into thinner air, the door was unable to remain closed without the lock, and it burst open. The outrush of air caused the cabin floor to collapse and severe all control cables, leading to a loss of control by the flight crew.
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