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Date of Accident:05 January 2004Help
Airline:Austrian Airlines   Help
Aircraft:Fokker F-70   Help
Location:Munich, GermanyHelp
Previous Registrations:---Help
Flight Number:111Help
Line Number:---Help
Engine Manufacturer:Rolls RoyceHelp
Engine Model:Tay 620Help
Year of Delivery:1995Help
Accident Description:The aircraft was completing the descent phase of a scheduled passenger flight from Vienna, Austria to Munich when the Captain reported, at 12,000 feet, that a substantial loss of power had occured in both engines. An emergency landing was attempted on Munich's runway 26R, but the aircraft was unable to reach the airport and the Captain elected to attempt to land in a field approximately 3 miles from the runway. The Fokker's landing gear collapsed, and the aircraft skidded about 500 meters to a stop. Several occupants sustained minor injuries.
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Fokker F-70 OE-LFO. Photo Copyright: Peter D.
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